Our elite team develops desktop, web, and mobile applications, while maintaining a focus on beautiful user experiences, and clean, industrial-strength code.
Bring us a tough problem, and we'll fly through it. We love important, interesting, complex, change-the-world projects, where we can truly impress with our mastery of all things tech.

Application Development

Beautifully functional desktop (Windows & Mac) applications.

Mobile & Web Development

Intuitive software made for browser or iOS and Android.

Blockchain & IoT

Design, research, and development with today's high-tech solutions. Check out our blockchain projects.





Software is more than a job for us. We've grown up living and breathing technology, continuously striving to figure out "how it works", while endlessly tinkering and inventing. All of our team members carry this passion into every project that we tackle. When you work with us, you're getting so much more than an unimaginative, 9-5 team at your disposal. You're getting a team of experts ready to match your enthusiasm on your next project.




We aim to build intuitive, beautiful, highly user-friendly software. Through a highly iterative, strategic design process, we build solutions for everyday people - not just for geeks and engineers. See some of our previous work and you'll know what we mean.




As architects of our digital world, we're responsible for how technology impacts society, the environment, and our future generations. This means we use humane design processes in everything we create. We're environmentally responsible, and support projects that truly make our world a better place to live.



Expert Software Consultants.

JCACE is a highly intellectual, socially responsible software company unlike any you've seen before. We combine strategic thinking with massive technical knowledge and artistic flair to deliver beautiful, simple, and responsible high-tech solutions to challenging programs. Founded in 2009, our humble beginnings offering in-home IT support quickly grew into an enterprise-level network & server team, where we further evolved to offer custom software. Throughout this decade-long journey, we've always placed immense value on caring and understanding our client's problems, offering solutions that add as much value as possible.

  • Jason Cihelka

    A visionary technology consultant, Jason uses his technical finesse and innovative thinking to help hundreds of clients across a multitude of industries in Calgary. His areas of expertise include software development, blockchain, and IP Networking.

    Jason Cihelka
    BSc, CCNP, CBP
    Founder & CEO
  • Nicholas Lepine

    A self-starter, Nick has spent countless hours working on software and electronics projects. He uses his knowledge to design solutions for both his client’s problems and his own problems. Nick’s areas of expertise include software design, signal processing, and machine learning.

    Nicholas Lepine
    Head Software Architect
  • Dan Cihelka

    Dan has been part of JCACE since its beginnings in 2009. He has been interested in science and technology from a young age, and brings his excellent customer service and IT skills to JCACE. He is currently pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Calgary.

    Dan Cihelka
    Junior Analyst
  • Wesley Cheng

    Wesley combines his technical skills with a high degree of attention-to-detail to test and validate complex projects. He is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary, and is passionate about new technology and loves seeing it enhance everyday life.

    Wesley Cheng
    QA Tester